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If you are based in Essex and looking for professionals to help resolve problems with your septic tank, cesspool, sewage treatment plant or private sewage system, the Essex Drain Company engineers are on call 24/7.

Our Essex based septic tank specialists have decades of experience dealing will all types/ of waste management systems, sewage treatment plants and septic tanks, providing expertise in repair, maintenance and upgrades or installation of entirely new systems.

Septic Tank Faults

Your septic tank system is designed to break down wastewater without needing to be connected the mains drainage system. While these septic tank systems are self-contained and typically run problem free, you may have started to notice foul smelling emissions or waste leakage coming from the system. If you have noticed these issues or any other apparent faults with the septic tank such as baffle collapse, baffle tear or ball detachment, it is vital that you contact a professional at the earliest opportunity.
When these types of faults occur, not only will your system not function as expected, but you run the risk of leaking and polluting into the surrounding environment and properties. This is a health hazard and will be in breach of environment agency regulations. New regulations also stipulate that you may not allow septic tanks to discharge directly to surface water. If your current system does this, you will be in breach of government directives and environmental agency legislation.

Upgrading Septic Tank Systems

You may also require an upgrade of your current septic tank system if you are looking at expanding your property and increasing the amount of sewage to be discharged into the sewage treatment plant.

Our experts are Safe Contractor accredited and comply with all relevent industry health and safety standards.

If you are concerned about a problem with your septic tank, waste managment or sewage treatment system, call one of our Essex septic tank engineers today on 01245 898 663 or send an email to

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